5 Secrets for Tricking Out Your Fancy Car

If you really love your car and you are willing to invest some money, there are so many things you can do to make it fancier. From engine improvements, to paint jobs, to cool add-ons, there are unlimited options for improving your car. These modifications will probably require you to get a little grease on your hands, but you have to be willing to get your hands dirty to reap the rewards of having a car that is truly something that turns heads out on the open road, So, if you are ready to trick out your ride, here are five tips that are going to make you love your car even more.

Performance Tires

You want to go fast on a set of great looking tires, so high performance or ultra performance tires are going to do the trick. Since these tires are made from a softer rubber, this gives them the advantage of being able to grip the road much better. This is a great improvement when you need to brake hard and fast. The trade-off with higher performance tires is that, although they grip and brake better, they have a shorter lifespan when compared to traditional tires. You probably shouldn’t use these higher performance tires on any car that will be traveling on roads that aren’t well-maintained.

High-Performance Fuel System

When fuel injection systems first started being used in cars, carburetors were one of the first systems used, and they worked pretty well for a long time. Now, cars use an EFI system that automatically injects the fuel, based on a computer read-out from sensors. If you upgrade your EFI system, it can improve your fuel economy and help your engine run smoother. This is a slightly more complicated modification, especially if you are doing it yourself. The type of fuel pump you choose will depend on flow rate and length of your fuel hose to make sure that everything works properly.

Interior LED Lighting

If you want to add a splash of color to the inside of your car in a tasteful way, consider using interior LED lighting. You can use this to outline different areas, provide light under seats, or in footwells. If you are looking for more specific lighting, you can use neon lights to light up your pedals with cool designs. Just be sure you don’t go overboard. Neon lighting is cool in small amounts, but it can look tacky if it is overdone.

Lowering Suspension

You would like your car to hug the road with a sporty new look, so lowering the suspension is going to help you trick your car out for this effect. With a car lower to the ground, you will again handle better, and the tighter springs can make your suspension more stable. One thing to consider is that low, tight suspension can cause chassis flex in some cars, so you may need to install strut bars to prevent this problem. Also, the strut bars can give your engine bay a better look as well, so that is two improvements for the price of one. Just be careful not to lower your car too much, or you may not be able to drive it anywhere without constantly scraping it on parking lot entrances.

Custom Air Brushed Graphics

If you really want your car to stick out on the street, then getting a custom airbrushed graphics job is your ticket to truly making your ride awesome. Whether you get a wicked picture that covers the hood or a cool graphic that adorns the sides, your fancy car will be one of a kind with the right design going into this decision. Just make sure it is a graphic you really want to show off because it is going to be a pretty permanent addition to your ride. Try to avoid things that are overdone or will make you cringe in a few weeks.


The mods you choose for your car will depend on what you want and how much money you are willing to spend. There is no limit to the things you can do to trick your car out to fit your specifications, so use your imagination and keep going until you have the car of your dreams.

Written by Heffe Nootenboom

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