5 Things to Remember if Driving is Part of Your Job

If you get a new job as a driver, whether it is just a delivery job or full-time driving, you are going to have a completely different experience than any of your previous jobs. Driving for work is not for the faint-hearted, and you are going to have to make some adjustments. If you are driving for work, here are some things you need to remember.

You May Have Crazy Hours

More often than not, when driving is part of your profession, you won’t be able to choose when you are on the road, especially if you are going long distances. This results in driving very late or early hours. Make sure you have adequate rest to accommodate your schedule. Driving drowsy is not only dangerous to you, but it is also dangerous for everyone around you.

You Need to Stay Healthy

Maintaining health on the road can be hard. The easiest thing to do is to plan. Bringing snacks and water will keep you full and hydrated, making it easier for you to focus on the road. Drivers may also receive regular drug tests for liability and safety reasons, so it is recommended you stay away from substances that could be considered harmful or illegal by any employer.

Regular Stretching is Crucial

Sitting in any seat for a long period can wreak havoc on your body. Before you get into the vehicle, give your body a good stretch. Take advantage of any other opportunity you have (bathroom breaks, stopping to get food, a completed drive) to move your body and keep your blood circulating. Tension being stored in muscles can lead to migraines and cramps, and it can be distracting you from driving more safely.

Your Vehicle is Your First Priority

The more frequently a vehicle is being used, the more frequently it needs to be maintained. To avoid mechanical issues you will want to keep track of oil changes, fluid levels, and tire pressures. Check your gauges often to ensure your car is not running warm or overheating, and you have enough gas to get to where you need to go. Your employer should make sure routine maintenance is done, but you need to report anything that seems out of the ordinary.

Be Aware of Your Route

If you are driving long distances or you are going somewhere new, make sure you know what to expect. Traffic patterns, directions, weather, and potential hazards can all make your job more difficult, especially if you aren’t prepared. Take a little time to review where you are going and take along any supplies you think you might need to get to your destination safely.

Remembering these tips during your drive will keep your body feeling healthy, your mind sharp, and ensure your ability to operate your vehicle safely. Enjoy your drive!

Written by Heffe Nootenboom

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