How a Motorcycle Accident Impacts Your Riding Confidence

A motorcycle accident can be devastating at a physical level. But it often does even more damage to a rider’s confidence. When you crash your bike, you often find yourself wondering if it was your fault. You might wonder if you could have avoided it if you were a better rider. That sort of questioning

5 Inspections Your Car Desperately Needs

5 Inspections Your Car Desperately Needs Just because your vehicle is riding fine today does not mean it will be tomorrow. Sometimes there are little things going on in your car that don’t show up until they are a big problem. But that doesn’t mean that you should be constantly worried about your car breaking

The Most Crash-Proof Civilian Cars In Production

The Most Crash-Proof Civilian Cars in Production

Every day, car dealership showrooms across the country are swarmed with people looking for the “perfect” vehicle. They inquire about engine size, gas mileage, road performance, and various colors. They take the car at face value, looks, and popularity. What many people fail to look at is safety features. In most vehicles new or improved

5 Ways to Diffuse a Road Rage Incident

In September 2013, the internet was rocked by a viral video that appeared to show a black range rover running over several motorcycles and at least one rider. But what was actually happening was much scarier. In what has come to be known as the Hollywood Stuntz Gang Assault, Alexian Lien was attacked by a

5 signs that you should get your brakes inspected

  If you are looking to maintain your vehicle, it is very important to identify problems before they become serious.  The brakes are one of the most important systems on your car, so it is very important that you can recognize and identify potential brake problems before they put you in danger.  You don’t need to