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Your vehicle’s quality brake performance is key to you and your passengers’ safe road travel. Braking systems that respond quickly, effectively, and without excess noise to your feet are fully-functioning. The brake repair specialists at Clutch & Brake Doctors in Lake Oswego, OR are able to provide all complete brake checks, brake maintenance and brake repair services. Let our team have a look first before you have any unnecessary brake repairs performed. Our experts are able to identify and fix any problems before they become an inconvenient breakdown or costly part replacement. Pay attention to the warning signs because they can come from a variety of places. Any abnormal smells, sound, or pedal pressures are the most obvious signs that you need to visit our facility. You never have to worry about receiving unnecessary brake repair services, because our specialists use the most advanced tools and diagnostic equipment. Our free brake inspections make sure you have nothing to worry about when bringing your vehicle to our experts. You can get an accurate diagnosis for your braking system, so you can make the best service decision for your vehicle. We’re your local experts and we’re here to protect the safety of you and your passengers with careful brake analyses and repairs.

Driving With Noisy Brakes?–Come See the Doctors

Waiting too long to give your braking system some attention can be very costly. Your brakes are meant to give you plenty of time to get to Clutch & Brake Doctors to receive brake service expertise. When brake pads have worn too low, drivers will hear a high-pitched squeal every time they apply their brakes. This early alert should never be ignored because procrastination can lead to expensive damages to brake components. It’s not only time, money, and overall safety that you may lose, but also the advantage of having an exceptional brake service team on the job. The sooner we can get the look at the braking system, the better chance you’ll have of saving parts and reaching peak performance. Abnormal noises like the high-pitched squeal can accidentally go unnoticed because of cabin noise. Turn the radio off and drive with the windows rolled down and you’ll be able to hear your brakes’ true condition. If you’re hearing a metal-on-metal scraping, or grinding noise when pressing your brakes, this is an actual emergency. If you can make it, drive directly to Clutch & Brake Doctors in Lake Oswego, OR, but you just might need a tow to get to our expert facility.

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We’re here to provide you with the quality brake repair service that you can trust. When your family is on the highway, the excellent condition of the brakes are most important. You want an expert to assure you of everyone’s safety. Just knowing that we’re here is comforting for drivers throughout the Lake Oswego, OR area. Give us a call today at 503-387-5581 to get a free brake check! Find out what’s happening with your brakes. If there’s a problem, you can get them fixed quickly and correctly. Saving our customers time and money is always our goal. Save more time by scheduling an appointment right now using our convenient online scheduling system.

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  • Clutch and Brake Doctors is always amazing. I drive from the far side of Portland to them because they are always on point. They go above and beyond and are always great to work with. I take my car there for clutch checkup (clutch they installed) and oil changes. Often they will catch other stuff with my car and let me know without me even asking. The diagnosed my check engine light for me then told me I could postpone the work as it wasn’t a hazard and I could save money. They also gave me a heads up that my brakes only had a few more months but the work wasn’t needed yet. They never try and make me do extra work on my car. I love this place. I will continue to go there despite the drive!

  • Brake Doctors did a great job on my Forester brakes. Prompt easy appointment set up, dropped off car and picked up in evening. They gave me a good explanation of what was going on with the brakes and did the repairs. Also took the time to dispense some advice to me on my truck. I will definitely be back when my other vehicles need service.