Causes & Symptoms of Clutch Related Shifting Problems

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Clutch Related Shifting Problems

Normal Clutch Pedal Feel

Clutch Disc

  • Torsion spring escaped
  • Splines damaged
  • Lack of lubrication on splines
  • Rusted to flywheel
  • Rivets from disc adhering to flywheel
  • Bent disc
  • Flywheel mounting bolt interference

Pressure Plate

  • Warped diaphragm spring
  • broken coil spring
  • deformed mounting surface

Release Bearing

Pilot Bearing – Pilot Bearing binding on input shaft


  • worn or binding internal parts. Over a long period of time the transmission can be damaged by a clutch that does not fully release.
  • Seized
  • Worn Synchronizer
  • Improper fluid

Abnormal Clutch Pedal

Hydraulic system failure

  • Leaking slave cylinder
  • Leaking master cylinder
  • Bypassing master cylinder
  • Improper hydraulic fluid
  • Out of adjustment


  • Firewall flexing
  • Broken pedal bracket
  • Worn or broken bellcrank
  • Broken fork or pivot
  • Broken release arm
  • Seized release bearing: Release bearing worn through pressure plate fingers

Cable – Broken, worn or binding cable. Sometimes the clutch cable mounting bracket may fail, tearing the firewall where the cable passes through to the pedal