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Automatic & Manual Transmission Clutch Repairs

Your vehicle’s high-powered engine and acceleration is only as good as its ability to seamlessly shift gears. A top quality driving experience will make the transition between gears unnoticeable. This is the goal of the clutch repair specialists at Clutch & Brake Doctors. Automatic transmission clutches and manual transmission clutches are both handled by our experts with the same superior standards. Any of your clutch performance problems are handled quickly and efficiently because we’re this area’s premier service provider. Whatever your vehicle’s difficulty is in shifting gears, we’ll return it to its original condition. We want you to know that you can trust us to solve any problems with your clutch. It’s not uncommon for other nearby shops to seek out our expertise to fix complicated clutch repairs. We’re always delivering completely repaired clutches with smooth operation for another 100,000 miles. Come to us first, because there’s a good chance that whoever you bring your clutch repairs to also trusts us more!

Fixing All Clutch Slipping, Strange Noises, and Hard Pedals

Whenever you notice a problem with your clutch’s performance, your first thought should be to bring it to the doctors. The worst thing drivers can do is ignore their vehicle’s issues, and hope they go away. 9 times out of 10, this is an issue that will only get worse and compromise the efficiency of other components. If you’re noticing your vehicle is occasionally slipping out of gear, you may need an emergency clutch repair service. Clutch & Brake Doctors will resolve all clutch slippage problems. When the clutch starts to make strange noises, this is definitely something you should not ignore. Just because you can continue driving, these symptoms can lead to costly repairs or breakdowns. Sometimes, even applying the clutch can be difficult. A hard-to-press clutch is a problem that should be looked at immediately. The answer may be an easy fix, but drivers should not continue to drive with a hard clutch pedal.

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Clutch & Brake Doctors in Beaverton, OR strives to earn, and keep, your trust in our expertise. We’ve been providing the area’s best clutch repair services for decades, and we’ve only gotten better over the years. We stay equipped with the latest tools and equipment to make sure your vehicle is always receiving the best clutch repair service possible. Give us a call today at (503) 626-4810 to schedule your clutch repair service. We’re anxiously awaiting your call, but you can save yourself some time by using our convenient online scheduling system. The next time you’re in the area, feel free to stop on by. We gladly welcome all of our walk-ins!

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  • Clutch and Brake Doctors is always amazing. I drive from the far side of Portland to them because they are always on point. They go above and beyond and are always great to work with. I take my car there for clutch checkup (clutch they installed) and oil changes. Often they will catch other stuff with my car and let me know without me even asking. The diagnosed my check engine light for me then told me I could postpone the work as it wasn’t a hazard and I could save money. They also gave me a heads up that my brakes only had a few more months but the work wasn’t needed yet. They never try and make me do extra work on my car. I love this place. I will continue to go there despite the drive!

  • Brake Doctors did a great job on my Forester brakes. Prompt easy appointment set up, dropped off car and picked up in evening. They gave me a good explanation of what was going on with the brakes and did the repairs. Also took the time to dispense some advice to me on my truck. I will definitely be back when my other vehicles need service.


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