The Most Crash-Proof Civilian Cars in Production

The Most Crash-Proof Civilian Cars In Production

Every day, car dealership showrooms across the country are swarmed with people looking for the “perfect” vehicle. They inquire about engine size, gas mileage, road performance, and various colors. They take the car at face value, looks, and popularity. What many people fail to look at is safety features. In most vehicles new or improved safety features are added with each model year.

According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, there are several vehicle models that have never had a death related to a crash since their induction into the IIHS data system. These vehicles have been proven to be the safest because they are equipped with a front crash prevention system. These systems include the forward collision warning system, and the auto-brake system.

These systems help prevent crashes from the front or from the rear by warning the driver if something is about to collide with the vehicle, or is there is a crash possibility to the rear. They each help to protect the vehicle from crashing, and more importantly, protect the people inside. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety has identified several vehicles that can be considered “crash proof.” These vehicles were tested, and of the seventy four that were tested only seven received a superior rating:

  1. The Cadillac ATS sedan, and the Cadillac SRX sports utility vehicle were among the top for being crash-proof.
  2. Another vehicle close to the Cadillac in performance and safety features is the Mercedes-Benz C-class sedan. These vehicles are giants on the highway for obvious reasons.
  3. Also making the cut as a crash-proof vehicle is the Subaru Outback wagon and the Subaru Legacy sedan. They not only look good, but they offer precision performance, and durability.
  4. The Volvo XC60 sports utility vehicle, and the Volvo S60 sedan round off the top seven crash-proof vehicles.

All of the vehicles had the forward collision warning systems and in some the auto brake system was optional. Six vehicles received the advanced rating for being crash-proof — as well as generally powerful. These vehicles have both an auto brake system and a forward collision warning system.

  1. Acura MDX sports utility vehicle
  2. Audi Q5 sports utility vehicle
  3. Audi A4 sedan
  4. Jeep Grand Cherokee sports utility vehicle
  5. Mazda 6 sedan
  6. Lexus ES sedan

Some basic safety features can greatly reduce the risks of a crash. Consumers should check out all of the features — not just the flashy ones — before making a decision to buy.

Written by Heffe Nootenboom


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