The Most Common Causes of Tire and Wheel Issues

Your tires are one of the most easily damaged parts of your vehicle. They take the worst of the wear and tear of the road, and usually end up requiring the most regular tune ups. What are the biggest dangers of the road that you have to look out for?

Improperly Inflated Tires






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Making sure that your tires are properly inflated is of utmost importance in preventing tire and wheel issues. Not only does keeping your tires inflated at the recommended levels help save on gas at the pump by increasing your gas mileage, but it also helps keep the ride smooth for you as you travel down the highway. If the tires are equally inflated, this will prevent the steering wheel from shaking and keep you from having other signs that your tires are having trouble. This includes not underfilling or over inflating your tires. The ideas psi varies some based on make and model, and even temperature, so make sure your tires are the correct pressure. 

Wheels Need Aligned









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Wheel alignment problems can be due to vehicle collisions, or extreme use. If you have recently had an accident, this may indeed be the culprit. Another cause is merely regular use over time. Getting your wheel alignment checked periodically can help reduce the incidence of tire problems in the future. A common warning sign of this is the car pulling to one side or the other. 

Worn Parts Over Time








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Even if your car’s alignment is good at the beginning, normal wear and tear can throw your wheels out of alignment. The alignment between your steering wheel and your tires is actually due to the car’s suspension system. If the suspension springs wear down, then this will cause the wheel to be out of alignment. Of course, all parts of the car will slowly wear down over time so it is best to take your car in to be serviced by the best regularly. 

Tire Defects







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It is important to remember that tires, like everything, are not perfect. In fact, since 2000, there have been several major recalls due to tire defects. There may be uneven tread on your tires, and this could cause problems with steering and wheel alignment. If the tread is not even on all four tires, then this will cause an imbalance that may be able to be felt as you are driving down the road. Make sure that all of your tires receive a close and proper inspection when they are being fitted to your vehicle, so this doesn’t happen to you. 

Road Damage






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Road hazards may very well play the most prominent role in tire and wheel problems. Potholes, depending on their size and depth, can cause significant damage even to the point of deflating tires and wrecking your wheel rims. If you cross major highways that have a lot of potholes, or is currently under construction or was not properly maintained, be sure to slow down and try to remember where the bigger hazards are so that you can avoid them on your daily commute. 

No matter which issue you have that is causing your tire and wheel problems, going over these different sections one at a time and seeing if they apply to you is a great way to stay on top of the maintenance of your vehicle.


Written by Heffe Nootenboom

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