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How to Deal with a Stubborn Insurance Company after an Accident

Getting involved in a motor vehicle accident can be traumatic and emotionally draining. Unfortunately, the experience can be even more difficult once you have to work with the insurance company. If you aren’t obtaining the benefits that you deserve on your policy, there are a few ways to deal with a stubborn insurance company and receive the necessary compensation.

Get Your Documents Together

Although it can be challenging to argue with insurance companies, providing the right documentation is an effective way to get the ball moving when filing a claim after an accident. The person who is responsible for the collision needs to report the accident to their insurance company, but you’ll also need to take photos of the damage and get the information of the other drivers that are involved. These personal injury attorneys explain that a rigorous, comprehensive claim should explore medical records, police reports, witness statements, photographs, and videos. Getting quotes at local auto body shops for the cost can also make it an easier process.

Contact the Right People

Contact the other driver’s insurance company to provide the facts in detail. The insurance company will be the one to decide who is at fault, making it necessary for the police to arrive at the scene and give the necessary tickets. It’s still important to contact your insurance company even if you’re not at fault to ensure that you can provide them with all of the information.

Research Your Injury Coverage

Knowing the facts and details of your insurance policy can make it easier to present the facts to your provider and avoid getting into a lengthy battle. Some states will allow you to contact the other driver’s insurance company if you’re in a no-fault state to recover any of the medical expenses that may not be paid by your PIP. If you have gathered all the information you think you need, this article highly recommends that you file a formal appeal with the company. Many times formal appeals will force a company to pay attention to you.

Know the Laws

Many people who file claims aren’t aware that certain laws are established in different states that can protect you when working with the insurance provider. Some insurance companies are required to make payments promptly while others need interest to be paid for each day that you wait to receive the funds. Researching the laws will allow you to know what you deserve and fight for what you’re entitled to after a collision occurs.

Working with an insurance company after you’ve filed an auto accident claim can be complicated and time-consuming. By getting documentation and contacting the right people, you can have an easier process that allows you to obtain the compensation that you deserve.

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