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Auto Repairs in Lake Oswego, OR

Lake Oswego Location, Right off I-5 & Lower Boone's Ferry Road Exit

Lake Oswego Auto Repair

We have a team of specialists at Clutch & Brake Doctors in Lake Oswego, OR to meet all of your auto repair needs. This location is actually right off I-5 in Tualatin. The key to protecting your vehicle’s quality performance and avoiding costly repairs is an appropriate maintenance service plan. Our outstanding auto service is includes all preventive maintenance services. This keep you in front of any unexpected breakdowns. Our goals are the same as yours. The number one goal is safety, getting you from A to B in as much comfort as possible. That’s where quality brake repair service comes in handy. An excellent braking system is the most important safety feature for your vehicle. We perform all auto services from our expert facility, and we do specialize in clutch and brake repair services. Clutch & Brake Doctors are your immediate answer to any braking system or clutch repair needs. We’re here to make sure you and your passengers stay safe with a responsive braking system. Leave your clutch and brake repairs to our professionals. Vehicle owners who attempt to self-diagnose can end up doing more damage by not addressing the root cause of a brake repair need. We want all drivers in the Lake Oswego area to know where they can come for hassle-free and error-free brake and clutch repair services. As soon as you notice any clutch slipping out of gear, hard-to-press clutch pedals, noisy clutch operation, or hard shifting transmissions, come see us right away! We’ll save you time, money and aggravation! We’re the preferred service location for any brake or clutch repair issues. Clutch and brake repair expertise is our specialty, even making us the facility that other repair shops turn to for help.

The most important vehicle maintenance service is your oil change They should always be clean and consistent to ensure optimal engine performance. Oil changes are all about cleanliness, because dirty oil is a hazard to the longevity and performance of your engine. Efficient oil change service is vital to an extended road-life and strong engine performance. Our expert service techs provide complete car care service from our state-of-the-art full-service auto repair facility. Responsible Tualatin. Tigard, and Lake Oswego drivers come to Clutch & Brake Doctors to stay up-to-date on all oil changes, tune-ups, engine diagnostics, inspection services, A/C repairs, steering and suspensions, shocks, exhaust system repairs and more. We have the best sets of eyes and hands servicing your vehicle. Misdiagnoses from inexperienced mechanics can be very expensive. Let our team provide the service and repairs your vehicle needs and deserves. Our specialists are always on standby waiting to field the most difficult auto service questions and concerns, and perform final and complete auto repairs.

Lake Oswego

17721 Lower Boones Ferry Rd
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

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Monday - Friday:
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  • Clutch and Brake Doctors is always amazing. I drive from the far side of Portland to them because they are always on point. They go above and beyond and are always great to work with. I take my car there for clutch checkup (clutch they installed) and oil changes. Often they will catch other stuff with my car and let me know without me even asking. The diagnosed my check engine light for me then told me I could postpone the work as it wasn’t a hazard and I could save money. They also gave me a heads up that my brakes only had a few more months but the work wasn’t needed yet. They never try and make me do extra work on my car. I love this place. I will continue to go there despite the drive!

  • Brake Doctors did a great job on my Forester brakes. Prompt easy appointment set up, dropped off car and picked up in evening. They gave me a good explanation of what was going on with the brakes and did the repairs. Also took the time to dispense some advice to me on my truck. I will definitely be back when my other vehicles need service.