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A Brief History of BMW

Plenty of Beaverton, Oregon, and Beaverton residents drive BMWs, and there's a rich history behind the popular car brand. The company was named Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) in 1922. BMW became an automobile manufacturer when it purchased Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach, and the company released its first car, the BMW 3/15. Throughout the 1930s, BMW expanded its range into sports cars and larger luxury cars. 


After World War II, BMW restarted motorcycle production, and resumed car production in 1952 with the BMW 501 luxury saloon. BMW's range of cars was extended again in 1955, but slow sales of luxury cars and small profit margins from microcars caused BMW to be in serious financial trouble, and in 1959 the company was taken over by Daimler-Benz. 


BMW Today

With over 15 models on the market today, BMWs are known for the smooth drive they provide, their standout look, and their quiet purring engines. If your BMW ever needs Brake Repair, or anything else, don't hesitate to come to MotorCar Doctors Auto Repair of Beaverton in Washington. The current models BMW has include:


If you have a BMW in need of repairs, you can bring it to MotorCar Doctors Auto Repair of Beaverton in Beaverton today!


MotorCar Doctors Auto Repair of Beaverton: Your Exceptional Shop for BMW Repair

Eventually, all vehicles need to be brought in for repairs. Whatever your needs are, you can take your BMW to MotorCar Doctors Auto Repair of Beaverton. Proudly serving residents of Beaverton, OR, 97005, and surrounding areas since 1995, we make sure our Quality technicians go through extensive automotive repair training. At MotorCar Doctors Auto Repair of Beaverton, our number one goal is complete customer satisfaction, and we will make sure your vehicle is taken care of with top-notch service, efficiently and cost-effectively. Reasons You Should Do Business With Us:

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If you are in or nearby Beaverton, feel free to give us a call at 833-596-2056 or go to to schedule an appointment at MotorCar Doctors Auto Repair of Beaverton today! MotorCar Doctors Auto Repair of Beaverton - Beaverton Auto Repair You Can Count On.

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