5 Signs That You’ve Found “the One” Mechanic for You

Taking your car into a mechanic for repairs is a chore most people look forward to as much as a root canal. But car repair does not have to be painful for you or your wallet. These five tips will help you thoughtfully choose a great mechanic and reliable resource for your car and situation.

1. Honesty

Unfortunately, car mechanics have a reputation of trying to squeeze the most cash out of your repair as they can. This is usually an unfair characterization of the trade. Most mechanics practice their profession with integrity, but be on the lookout for the small percentage who do not. Unnecessary add ons, only accepting cash payments, and intentionally failing to explain the repair procedure are all warning signs you may be dealing with a dishonest mechanic.

2. Good Communication Skills

Before your mechanic begins work on your car, they should explain in simple language what they intend to do, why they are doing it, and the estimated costs. This lets you know exactly what is wrong with your vehicle and gives you the opportunity to veto any car repairs before they are completed. Be sure to ask questions and if they fail to address any of these steps, check other mechanics first.

3. Good Listener

Like a good doctor, a mechanic needs to be able to listen to your description of the symptoms without forming a hasty diagnosis that may prove incorrect. Many car owners do not know the technical names of car parts, so a mechanic who is a good listener will be able to translate the simple descriptions given by their customers.

4. The Right Credentials

Because not all cars are made the same, specific car repairs may be beyond the scope of your mechanic. For instance, some specialize in the repair and maintenance of German sports cars, while others can easily diagnose and repair SUVs. Some might specialize in more general repairs or certain areas of the car. Before you take your vehicle for repairs, be sure the mechanic is able to work on your specific make and model with expertise.

5. Speed

There are few things more frustrating than taking your vehicle into the shop for repairs and waiting weeks or months for them to be completed. A mechanic that has a booming business is likely to be a good one, but they should hire additional staff to keep up with an expanding business. Before you leave your car for repairs, ask the mechanic for an estimate of their current turnaround time.

Your next repair job can be simple and uneventful. Using these five tips you can find the perfect mechanic for your vehicle’s needs.



Written by Heffe Nootenboom

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