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Serving Our Community Since 1995!

Serving Our Community Since 1995!

Our Customers Come First.

Our Customers Come First.

Reliable, quality, expert automotive repair combined with personal, friendly customer service.

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Welcome to MotorCar Doctors Auto Repair of Beaverton

If you’re looking for a local auto repair shop you can trust, consider MotorCar Doctors Auto Repair of Beaverton. Since 1995, we’ve been providing our friends and neighbors in Beaverton, Tigard, Oregon, Portland, Oregon, and the entire Washington County with dependable, trustworthy auto repairs. Whether your vehicle needs Clutch Repair service or Brake Repair, our service technicians are skilled at diagnosing and pinpointing solutions to problems, which can save you valuable time and money.

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Our Customer Reviews

Great communication, fast service, no upselling, great team. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much

Jeness Dean Wobbe Mar 3, 2023

Friendly, honest and quick! Highly recommended!

Dusica Drazic Mar 3, 2023

Always very quick to diagnose issue. Lots of communication. Fair prices for quick and efficient work. I recommend these guys as they are one of the only mechanics I trust to work on my car after going to many other places and being let down.

Kelton Hedges Mar 3, 2023

Why would anyone take a car that is past warranty to a dealer when repair shops like Motorcar Doctors Auto Repair are around? Faster, better, less expensive. My go to shop!

Andrew Ferguson Mar 3, 2023

Front lower control arms, links & bushings

walter porembski Mar 3, 2023

To say, they are the best mechanics in Portland would be an understatement. It is always a pleasure to take both my cars in to get repaired by the folks at Motorcar Doctors. I go in trusting that they will find what’s wrong with my car, and will ultimately leave me with the decision on what to do without feeling any pressure at all. That’s huge! They understand the client and how financially tough repairs are and will be honest with you on what your next steps need to be. From oil changes, to serpentine belt replacements, to even something as simple as driving my car to see if they can replicate certain problems, they are just a genuine auto shop that I can always rely on to make my cars run smoothly and efficiently. Trust is huge when going to an auto shop with little knowledge about cars, and they have earned my trust time and time again.

David A. “Detour11NYK” Tortosa Mar 3, 2023

Excellent service with caring people.

lynn weber Oct 10, 2017

I can trust this place , they do an awesome job. This is the only place I will take my car

Sue Harris Aug 8, 2021

Had my water pump replaced, as well as hoses, serpentine belt, and drum brakes. Very fair price and great communication. I highly recommend the MotorCar Doctors. I will return for future repairs and maintenance indefinitely.

JD Reich Feb 2, 2023

Door lock actuator replacement.

Matthew Dillon Feb 2, 2023

I had a concern about a small puddle under the rear of my car near the muffler area. I thought it might be condensation and Chris thought it was also. For piece of mind I brought it in for a quick look. Eli assured me it was condensation nothing serious. I was grateful for the piece of mind. They know I am proactive about my vehicle and more importantly they are never condensending about any of my concerns. Thanks, Pat

Pat Lally Nov 11, 2020

Have used this shop for over two decades. Great service and staff who are always helpful and friendly. Personal service that I have never received anywhere else.

Julie M Jan 1, 2023

I usually dread taking my car in, but honestly, I was so impressed with my service. They had great communication! Really knowledgeable and also explained things very clearly. I really liked how they let me decide what I wanted to get fixed at that appointment without pressuring me. Will definitely make this place my go to repair shop.

Kaylee Phillips Jan 1, 2023

Service was prompt and in a cordial manner. I felt that the employees gave their work an A-effort, and the pricing seemed reasonable.

Caleb E. Jan 1, 2023

I have been coming to this location for almost 3 years now, and every time has been a positive experience! Good customer service, really fair prices, they go the extra mile, and Eli (Manager) does a great job. I would recommend this place to anyone based off of the experiences I have had. Happy customer!

Andrew Rakestraw Jan 1, 2021

They were able to identify the issue I was having with my vehicle and repair it very quickly, the staff were incredibly nice and my car has never run better

Jacob Pietrok Dec 12, 2021

Didnt use their service(yet). Spoke with Chris via the phone and he was very informative, true and honest.

Rakan Alsaad Dec 12, 2022

I actually spent no money the first time they serviced my car. My check engine light was on. For no charge, they topped off my oil and did a visual inspection of the engine along with a quick test for repair codes. Ultimately, the full diagnostic was not needed since the codes were concerning the engine had been low on oil. When my check engine light came on several months later.. they ran a full diagnostic at my second visit and discovered my oil leaking onto my spark plugs. It was an all day job and they drove me to and from my home while my car was worked on. I had brought my dog to the shop and they loved him. They were courteous, explained everything well, and willing to work on a SmartCar, which is a difficult service to find for this vehicle. I believe their prices are honest.. I would totally recommend.

Janna Jul 7, 2022

I had purchased some HID headlights for my wife's car and asked MotorCar to install them for me. Turns out it was not going to be a simple task and additonal parts and service costs would have to be added. Eli suggested I buy some LED's from Baxters Auto next door and those can plug and play with no additional labor costs. Baxters took my payment over the phone and the guys at MotorCar picked them up. I returned the HID's and the LED's look great! All the guys over at MotorCar are awesome!

Scott Poindexter Dec 12, 2021

The best place to go the guys go out of there way to make sure everything was ok...fast service and fantastic work...this 3rd time I went to them I am def a regular with this place now...great work guys thanks!

TURTLE DUDE Oct 10, 2022

Great experience! I would highly recommend

Katie Malloy Nov 11, 2022

They saved me from wasting over $900 because of a misdiagnosis from a dealership!!

A T Nov 11, 2022

The just changed out my clutch and did the best job, amazing customer service from Chris. Ill be back for any car related things I need

Sarah Leopold Nov 11, 2022

I was in the auto repair business for years and I do have to say they performed excellent customer service and repair, they have a customer for life

John Martorana Nov 11, 2022

Came in for a pre-purchase inspection and Chris took very good care of me. Very professional with honest advice!

Michael Cerna Nov 11, 2022

I go here regularly for oil changes, and routine maintenance (struts, AC service, etc.). Chris at the front desk is amazing! He looked through my car's maintenance history, found warranty information to help me get my car fixed, and even offered to give me a ride to work when I had to leave my car for repairs. My car repairs were completed on time, and communication throughout the process was outstanding. Normally I dread going in for car repairs, but the great customer service here actually turned this errand into a pleasant experience for me. Thanks Chris and team!!

Barbara Harris Jul 7, 2021

Amazing customer service and they found the problem they fixed it the same day with a warranty amazing

Joel Vasquez Nov 11, 2022

Thanks for completing the service plugs and fuel filter,red card Eli drove me home to wait,nice not to be there for 4 hours waiting.

Lee Hoffman Nov 11, 2022

Fast friendly service at a good price

Chad Bentley Nov 11, 2022

Thorough, dependable, reliable and affordable.

Rick Davison Jul 7, 2022

This is the second time I have taken a car to MotoCar for brakes. The price is absolutely fair; however, the service is leaps and bounds above all expectations. Eli and Chris take the time to explain the safety inspection, provide a detailed report with pictures and prices for recommended services, without mansplaining, lecturing, or high pressure sales tactics. **Added bonus, the bathroom is clean** Thank you!

Tami Bishop Oct 10, 2022

Excellent and honest service from Eli and his team!!!! First of all they got me in the same day I called which I desperately needed and my truck was fixed perfectly for a great price. I’m very impressed and I will definitely be back.

Jason Goldsmith Oct 10, 2022

MotorCar Doctors are fabulous folks to work with. They do an excellent job and their prices are fair and reasoble. I have been going to them for vehicle repairs for years and they can repair cars other places just can't or won't. Eli and Chris are fantastic representatives of this fine shop. Thanks you guys.

Dan Raffetto Oct 10, 2022

Came in and asked if they would check my power steering fluid. Took about ten minutes for them to check and pour some more in and didn’t charge me. Super nice guys, 10/10 service!

Kaylianna Wilson Oct 10, 2022

Replaced front brakes and repaired issue with shift linkage. Very happy with service, feel like Eli took good care of me.We have used them before for clutch and brakes. Would highly recommend.

Gerry Morelli Oct 10, 2022

Eli & staff took great care of us. We had to have our clutch worked on & we’re back on the road the next day!

Momy 2T Oct 10, 2022
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