What To Include In Your Car’s Emergency Kit

Accidents happen, whether it’s the most beautiful summer day or the worst winter night. You’ll never know where or when they’ll strike, which is why it’s best to be prepared. Even if you aren’t a medical professional or a mechanic, you can still pack an emergency kit and keep it on hand to help yourself

Why You Need To Be Picky With Your Parts For Your Car

As a car owner, you know how much work goes into the overall maintenance of your vehicle. Whether you need new tires, new brakes, new lines or something that can only be found by a professional mechanic, the parts that need to be purchased are often what makes the job so expensive. Many parts for

Insane Videos of Reckless Drivers Getting Hit by Semi Trucks

If you’re an avid user of YouTube, then I’m sure you’ve come across your fair share of road rage, semi trucks vs cars, and other hysterical or terrifying videos. Many of these videos show a real-life insight into just how crazy life on the highways can be. Nothing is more hilarious than two senior citizens

5 Things You Need in Your Dream Garage

For many of us, the garage serves multiple purposes. Besides parking vehicles, we use it to work on projects, restore cars, and hang out with friends. To make your garage comfortable, it should be practical and aesthetically pleasing. Here are five things you need in your dream garage. Cabinets Image Credit: Dragonfire Tool Cabinet Power