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Alternator in Beaverton, OR

Alternator Service & Repair in Beaverton, OR


Often times drivers today don’t think about their vehicles alternator until all of a sudden they are stranded with a vehicle that won’t start. Your alternator and starter rely on each other in order for your vehicle to operate. Trust MotorCar Doctors Auto Repair in Beaverton to help keep these components functioning to ensure you don’t get stranded again.

The job of your alternator is to ensure your vehicles battery powered components are provided the voltage needed to perform. This could be components such as lighting and accessories.

Overtime like many other vehicle parts, your alternator can wear down. You may require alternator service or full replacement during the lifespan of your vehicle.

Some signs that your alternator may need attention can include:

  • Warning light
  • Dim lights
  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Squealing noises
  • Burning smell

There is no standard replacement time for your alternator, so keep an eye out for any of the symptoms listed above. If you are unsure if your vehicle needs service, give us a Call or book an appointment. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have.

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