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Brake Repair in Beaverton, OR

Brake Repair Service at MotorCar Doctors

Drive safe and with confidence, knowing that your brakes are ready to do their job anytime.


Do You Trust Your Brakes?

You can’t plan on needing a brake service on a set schedule because so many variables are in play. Because of that, you must have your brakes inspected regularly and get them checked by brake repair experts who know what they are doing.

Your Safety Comes First

If your gas pedal gives out, it is not a big deal if you can still pull over and be perfectly safe. You are in serious trouble if your brake does not work at all while driving. That is why you need to book an inspection with your nearest brake repair shop, MotorCar Doctors, for your and your passengers’ safety.

We Know Brakes Inside Out

At MotorCarDoctors, we have been in the business for 20+ years, and we have repaired hundreds of cars over the years. We understand brake services to a T, and we put all our expertise at your service to ensure you are always safe when driving your vehicle.

‘’We’re A Team Of ASE-Certified Technicians.’’

Expert Mechanics, Affordable Prices

Who said that quality work always equals unreasonable prices? If you are looking for a brake repair near Beaverton that won’t empty your wallet, MotorCarDoctors will help you with all your brake issues. We are a team of ASE-Certified who receive ongoing training in automotive technology and auto repair services.

Customer Satisfaction: Our #1 Priority

MotorCarDoctors’ number one priority is total customer satisfaction. We focus on providing customers with high-quality auto repairs and top-notch brakes services. You can see by our many satisfied customers that we will not treat you just like “the next client in line” because we care about you and your total satisfaction with our services. We will ensure you understand the problem thoroughly and explain, in simple terms, what needs to be completed.

What Other Benefits Do I Get with Good Brakes Services?

Safety always comes first, but other than that, there are many benefits to keeping your brakes on point. Here are the main benefits of maintained brakes:

  • Security
  • Firm and steady pedal feel
  • Even braking
  • Smooth stopping
  • Longer brake system component and friction material life

What Does the Brakes Service Include?

Our brakes services at MotorCarDoctors typically include:

  • Replacement of brake pads or brake shoes
  • Resurfacing brake rotos or turning brake drums
  • Replacement of brake rotos or drums
  • Changing brake fluids or flushing
  • Repairing brake line leaks
  • Troubleshooting brake lights
  • Rotors and drums refinishing
  • Repacked wheel bearings are conducted as needed

Put your safety first and drive with confidence. Book your brake repair service in Beaverton today with MotorCarDoctors.

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