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Brake Repair in Lake Oswego & Beaverton

The Brake Repair Experts

Clutch & Brake Doctors has been fixing brakes in the Portland and Beaverton area since 1995. For your safety, we suggest you inspect your braking system at least once a year. Brake inspections are always free. Thousands of our neighbors trust The Doctors for their brake repairs. From the pedal to pad, the professional technicians at Clutch & Brake Doctors know brake repair. Get in and out quickly, with a quality repair at a great price and a lifetime warranty on your new brake pads.

Brake Repair Diagnosis Tools

Get to know your brakes before they are gone. Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? If so, stop in today for a free brake inspection.

Brake Repair Diagnosis Tools

Hard Brake Pedal

The brake pedal is very hard to push.

Soft Brake Pedal

The brake pedal seems to soft or goes to the floor.

Car Pulls or Feels Wrong

The car seems to want to go to one side.

Brakes Make Noise

The brakes are making noise when trying to stop.

6 Things to Know Before Choosing a Brake Repair Shop

Our most important goal with every service we provide is earning your trust. We’ll provide a free inspection, and then go over in as much detail as needed to make sure you understand what and why we’re recommending repairs.

Don’t Pay for Diagnosis

Most brake systems can be evaluated in a timely manner, while you wait. A professional should be able to tell you what is causing your symptoms and quote a firm price without having to charge you for diagnosis. Some shops require that every moment of a technician’s time be billed to the customer. Clutch and Brake Doctors offers free inspections while you wait.

Insist on New OEM Parts

The brakes on your car were designed to certain manufacturer’s standards. Do not compromise the performance of your brake system by installing inferior parts. Ask for the brand name. Any reputable shop will insist on using quality parts. Clutch & Brake Doctors uses Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) quality or better parts when replacing your brakes. Clutch & Brake Doctors does not use remanufactured, or substandard parts when replacing your brakes. This is why Clutch & Brake Doctors is able to offer a LIFETIME warranty on your brake parts.

Brake Repair Experience

No matter what anyone else claims, the Clutch & Brake Doctors have replaced more brakes than anyone. Each location is equipped with all of the tools and equipment needed to efficiently and accurately replace your brakes. Each store has multiple brake lathes on site. The technician that is performing your service will resurface your brake rotors or drums, insuring that the rotors or drums are resurfaced to factory specifications. Each store is staffed with brake experts that know all of the ins and outs of a great brake job. No guessing

Don’t fall for the Loss Leader Scam

A brake repair is complicated. There are many parts to inspect and evaluate in your car’s braking system. Don’t be fooled by a loss leader price used to get you in the door. If a price seems too good to be true, it is. Some shops use an extremely low initial price to get your car apart, and then guess what? The price becomes unbelievably high. They simply cannot do the loss leader price, and if you insist, the parts will be inferior. Then they make up the loss on the next guy, what if the next guy is you! When we quote you a price it is fair, and we do not need to sell you something you don’t need.

Make Sure Your Breake Repair Job is Complete

Insist on a real brake specialist. You should get a complete brake inspection, with an evaluation of all the brake parts. Don’t trust a shop that will just replace parts without an inspection. The brake calipers on your car do not always need to be replaced, neither do brake rotors. You may be paying for something you don’t need just because it is more convenient for the shop to replace everything.

Brake Repair Warranty

Most brake manufacturers have a very limited warranty, and it is usually limited to manufacturing defects The shop you choose should reflect the confidence that they have in the parts they install. Better shops will offer a warranty that exceeds the limited manufacturer’s warranty. Clutch & Brake Doctors has a lifetime warranty on the parts. How’s that for confidence!