Fixes to Finalize Before Putting Your Car Up for Sale

Once you’ve decided to sell your car, there is more to it than simply listing the details on a website. While many people do this, they are not able to sell due to needed repairs. Although you may not want to spend thousands of dollars on repairs, there are a few simple repairs that should be done before selling any vehicle.


When buyers look at a potential used car to purchase, the most obvious thing they can inspect are the tires. Because of this, most auto mechanics recommend tires be the first item you fix on your car. If you choose not to replace your tires, you need to be willing to lower your asking price. You will not get the most money for your car if you do not replace the tires.


Oil Change

It is important to get a fresh oil change before selling your vehicle. Potential buyers will run away as soon as they see old oil. Additionally, if the buyer sees fresh oil, then they can feel better about the car’s maintenance. An oil change is inexpensive, but it can add lots of money to the vehicle’s asking price.



With any used car, worn brakes are usually the norm. However, if the brakes produce loud, grinding noises, it is highly unlikely that the potential buyer will purchase the vehicle from you. Even if brakes are the only problem, potential buyers are usually afraid that this is a sign of additional problems or wear and tear.



Most vehicles have power windows. If this is the case with yours, you should be sure the power functions working. Fixing the power windows is highly recommended before listing your vehicle for sale. One might not be an issue, but if these functions are not working on all the windows, it could pose a bigger problem.


If you wish to sell your vehicle, it is important to fix all small repairs. Not only does it increase the vehicle’s value, but it also shows a potential buyer that you are an open and honest salesperson. There are times when repairs might cost too much money to be feasible. When this happens, there are cash for car sellers. These companies will be willing to purchase your vehicle as is, and you will always get a fair price for the vehicle.

Written by Heffe Nootenboom

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