Getting Your Car Fixed? 5 Ways to Find the Right Rental

A car repair sneaks up on you when you least expect it. Also, a severe replacement could take a week or longer to fix. In the meantime, you must go to work or school without asking for rides. In some cases, the dealership or repair shop has a rental car waiting for you. Other times, you need to find the rental yourself. Here are five ways to find a reliable vehicle to rent.

1. Research the Company

Research, the company where you plan to rent the car. Start by knowing the handful of brand names that are popular in the car rental industry. These brands are famous for providing safe, reliable products and services.

With any company you consider, research the reputation online. Look through customer reviews and compare the number of positive statements with negative ones. Look for common customer complaints that could affect the type of service that you buy.

2. Compare Rates

Before you chose a repair shop, you probably compared the rates from different shops. Similarly,you should compare prices to select the right rental car company. Find websites where you type in the services needed and receive quotes from dozens of companies.

3. Read the Contract

Review the rental contract in full before you make a decision. Many companies overcharge people who don’t read the agreement carefully. Know about the penalty fees if you bring in the car later than scheduled. There are many other fees for refueling, early returns, etc.

4. Choose the Right Vehicle

Some vehicles cost more to rent than others. Save money by looking for smaller cars with fewer features. If you’re traveling with two other passengers, save more by renting a two-door coupe in place of a midsize luxury SUV. If available, choose a hybrid vehicle to save on gas.

5. Look for Discounts

Every company provides discounts to increase customer loyalty. Receive a seasonal discount if you schedule a repair or maintenance checkup at a specific time of the year. Also, look for reduced rates for student drivers or members of particular groups like the American Automobile Association (AAA).


When you’re on vacation, you can be picky when renting a car. If your vehicle is being fixed, it’s more important that you focus on saving money. Location is another factor that affects a rental. Larger cities have more cars and more selections of affordable rates. Consider all of these factors as you choose the right rental car provider.


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Written by Heffe Nootenboom

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