How to Turn Your Garage into a Home for Your Car

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The garage is the ideal location to work on your car. However, you cannot work in an area that is full of clutter along with dust and vermin. Prepare your garage for the long-term storage and maintenance of your car with these recommendations:


Remove Clutter

Garages are notorious for being the ideal places for hoarding. People don’t live in garages, so they think it’s okay to store large amounts of junk there. It takes them years to decide that it’s important to clear out this clutter.

The first step is to remove this clutter and provide as much empty space as possible. You need this space to set up your car repair and maintenance tools. The more space you have, the easier it is to stay organized, too.


Clean the Garage

Clear up as much space as possible and then clean the garage from top to bottom. Start by cleaning the floor, which is easily done on a hard surface. Then, clean and dust the remaining shelves, furniture, and equipment. This cleanliness makes the garage more tolerable to work in and helps to deter mold and pests.


Use Organization Tools

Organize your garage in the same way that you keep the bedroom or living room organized. Choose from a wide range of garage organization tools that include hooks, magnetic strips, stacking bins, shelves, and cabinets. Look for compartments to organize small valuables like nails and power tools.


If you plan to maintain the car regularly, install work shelves. It’s easier to access your car maintenance supplies there instead of pull open drawers. As you decide which products to buy, avoid buying unnecessary items and adding more clutter to the garage.


Have Car Maintenance Tools and Products on Hand

You should always have a dedicated space of your garage for safely storing typical car maintenance and emergency items. Make sure you have spare gas, oil, radiator fluid, wiper fluid, car wax, car shampoo, a hand-held vacuum, and other typical items that your car will need between visits to the mechanic for routine maintenance. Keep in mind, however, that some maintenance and repairs should only be undertaken by professionals, so don’t go overboard in hoarding unnecessary supplies.

Keep It Clean

There’s no point in cleaning your garage only one time. It doesn’t make sense to clean every room in the house once a month and forget to maintain the garage, as well. Set up a regular cleaning schedule for this part of the house. If you maintain the garage by dusting, sweeping, and putting away your belongings, then it won’t devolve into a state of chaos and clutter.


The garage is the first and only place for a car’s maintenance. To work here regularly, keep this area clean and put in equipment that helps you stay organized. The garage doesn’t have to be a dumping ground for all of your junk. It can be a clean, organized, functional room that protects your car and your belongings.

Written by Heffe Nootenboom

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