Manual or Automatic? Which Transmission is Better for You?

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While you drive, various road conditions create different challenges for your car. There are times where your car may need more power, but not as much speed, and times where your car may need more speed than power. By alternating gears, a vehicle can adapt to these different road conditions. Transmissions are responsible for alternating the gears of your car as you drive. Cars are now available with more transmission options than ever, and the choice of transmission is really up to the customer. In their most basic forms, transmissions are split between manual transmissions and automatic transmissions.

Manual Transmissions

A manual transmission controlled the first vehicles. Through the use of a gear lever and clutch, manual transmissions allow the driver to control gear shifts. Manual transmissions are inexpensive to repair, when compared to automatic transmissions, and also less expensive in general.

If you would like a more immersive and traditional driving experience, then you will want to choose a manual transmission. If you also would like to save some gas during your trips, then a manual transmission can help you save more fuel than an automatic transmission.

Automatic Transmissions

Most people today drive cars with automatic transmissions. Automatic transmissions are simple, for drivers, in that they do the gear shifting for the driver, automatically. For drivers who are not as experienced, this makes learning how to drive much more natural.

You should choose a vehicle with an automatic transmission if your daily commute involves you being in traffic a lot. Additionally, if you are not as comfortable driving, then an automatic transmission will provide you with one less thing to have to control while driving.

The Winner

There is no real winner to which transmission is better; the driver of the vehicle makes that decision. The better transmission for you will all depend on your exact situation and your comfort level with one transmission over the other. You should base your decision on how much effort you would like to put in while driving and what you will be using your car for.


Both manual and automatic transmission offer a variety of advantages and disadvantages. They still exist today, in various iterations, due to these advantages. Many people swear by one transmission over the other based on personal reasons. In the end, each transmission serves its own purpose but serves the greater purpose of moving a car between two points.

Written by Heffe Nootenboom

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