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8 Tips to Help You Find Your Dream Car

10/14/2019Heffe Nootenboom
Few things in life compare to the feeling of sitting behind the wheel of your dream car; the new car smell, the feel of the steering wheel in your hands, everything. The reality of it is that even in the best of circumstances, buying a car can be stressful. It’s such an important financial decision. If you think that you may make a less-than-desirable decision when you’re buying your new car, then you’ll want to keep the following eight tips in mind when you go out shopping.Figuring Out What You

Will There Ever Be a Perfect Phone You Can Use in the Car?

09/12/2019Heffe Nootenboom
Using the cell phone in the car can be risky. It can be dangerous for yourself and for other drivers. It is even illegal to use the cell phone in a car in many cities and states, which begs the question, will there ever be a phone that is easy to use in the car? Sure, you have voice commands and such; however, these features do not provide all that is needed to make cell phone use in the vehicle safe. Consider these insights about cellphones and how they may be made driver-friendly in the near f

Tips for Traveling: Keep Your Auto Insurance Up to Date

09/03/2019Heffe Nootenboom
There are few things as great in life as driving out on the open road, taking in scenic views, and exploring new locations. Because auto accidents are always a possibility when you share the road, it’s important to ensure that you are covered in the event of a crash.If you are planning on taking a road trip in the near future, it is important that you take steps to protect yourself if an accident occurs. Generally speaking, it is easier to protect yourself financially when you have a v

Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Car Safe

Your car is one of your most valuable and most important assets, and you need to treat it that way. Losing your car, either by it being stolen or seriously damaged, will mean losing many thousands of dollars, losing access to transport, and forfeiting a large part of your freedom. Keeping your car safe should be one of your top priorities since it is so valuable, so here are 5 ways you can do just that.Stop Driving Like a JerkDriving recklessly and aggressively is bad for many reasons, including

Car Maintenance Commandments for Clueless Drivers

What you don't know not only can hurt you, but it can also hurt your car. Many vehicle owners don't pay much attention to maintenance issues. If something goes wrong, they bring the vehicle to the shop. Unfortunately, the problem with the car might turn out to be so severe that the vehicle ends up totaled. Being a clueless driver has its consequences. Don't allow yourself to be so negligent that you're unaware of these three critical maintenance responsibilities.Change Your Oil on TimeAn engine

Seeing Safety Signs on Trucks When You're Driving? Here’s What They Mean

Drivers share the road with semi-trucks every single day. Teenagers, mini-vans packed with families, and drivers commuting to work probably pass dozens of semi-trucks on the freeway every day. The safety of everyone on the road is a main concern, which is why semi-trucks are required to have safety warnings displayed on the vehicle at all times. The warning signs can be subject to change depending on the load being carried, but will always be there. It's everyone's responsibility to know what th

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